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Erasmus Bell Courses

Bell teacher training courses take place at the University of Cambridge. Classes, accommodation and the canteen are situated in the same place.
All courses last 2 weeks. Courses price of €2,200 includes course fees, residential en-suite half-board accommodation and breakfasts at the weekend.
Also a full-day trip to London on Saturday is included.
Package summary:
  • 21.5 hours of tuition per week
  • Weekly plenary lecture by well-known ELT speakers
  • Weekly workshops on hot topics
  • Weekly cultural talk
  • Preparation for the TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) from Cambridge English
  • End of course certificate.
  • Comprehensive travel insurance for non-UK residents
  • Core programme of social and cultural events including a day excursion to London
  • Daily breakfast and weekday evening meals
  • Single, en-suite accommodation at Homerton College or nearby residence
Bell PIC Code for Erasmus+ 947224013
Courses and start dates. Click on the course title to obtain detailed information.

Becoming a Teacher Trainer  29 July, 12 August
Contemporary English 1 July, 29 July, 12 August
Creativity in the Classroom 1 July, 15 July, 29 July, 13 August
Educational Technology Today 15 July, 29 July, 15 August
Expert Teaching 1 July, 15 July, 29 July
Language Improvement for Teachers 15 July, 29 July, 12 August
Teaching Exam Classes 29 July, 12 August

Additional information:
Each course at Bell Teacher Campus includes a weekly plenary session by a leading ELT speaker, a choice of topical workshops and cultural talks as part of a wider programme of cultural and social events. Two specialist workshop programmes are provided during the courses running 29 July – 11 August. Each programme consists of 6 hours of workshops for teachers wishing to learn more about either of the following:
• Kindergarten Methodology (for ages 3-6) - Click HERE for more information.
• Teaching students with special educational needs (SEN)
Please book in advance for one of these workshops if you would like to be guaranteed a place. There is no additional cost.
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