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York Assiciates Teacher Training

Erasmus + PIC Code: 948633811
York Associates offers a full range of in-service teacher development programmes for teachers and trainers, administrative staff and leaders working in the educational sector. All short CPD (Continuing Professional  Development) courses (1–2 weeks) are eligible for Erasmus+ KA1 funding, with the exception of the Certificate in International Business  English Training (Cert IBET).York Associates offers 1 and 2-week training programmes with the possibility of combining two 1-week courses in order to create a 2-week package.

1-week course fee: £445 or £675 with accomodation
2-week course fee: £840 or £1280 with accomodation

Fees include:
  • 21 hours training a week with max. group size of 12
  • End-of-course Certificate

For details please click Dates and Fees
All courses are 1-week
Courses and start dates:
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