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Erasmus+ PIC Code: 947198502
Pilgrims is the oldest and most experienced centre on our offer, with 40 years experience in teacher training.
Their trainers include: Hanna Kryszewska, Sheelagh Dellar, Paul Davis, Adrian Underhill, Sandra Piai, Simon Marshall, Peter Dyer, Tim Bowen, Stephania Balloto, Willy Cardoso, Isil Boy, Beyza Yilmaz,  Adrian Tennant and many more outstanding professionals. Apart from the core training Pilgrims also offers many extra afternoon and evening sessions of 1,5 hour each, 4 times a week. It is possible to take part in sessions run by trainers of other courses that run at the same time absolutelty free.

2-week course fee is £1,310 and one week is £655 (Easter courses £690)
2 accommodation options at the University of Kent are available (summer period)
1. Self-catering (fully equipped kitchen, shared bathroom) for £195 per week
2. en-suite residential with breakfast for £390 a week
Easter homestay accomodation: £260 (breakfast and evening meal included)

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